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Electrical and Electronic Goods

Electrical and Electronic Goods

Did you know in the UK the amount of electrical and electronic waste we create in one year could fill the new wembley stadium 6 times over.

Regulations for the control of Waste arising from Electrical & Electronic Equipement (WEEE) came into force 2nd January 2007, with full responsibility for the treatment and recycling of the waste on 1st July 2007.
WEEE items must only be treated at an approved authorised treatment facility and must undergo a de-pollution treatment. 

We are licensed to accept and store both hazardous and non-hazardous waste arising from electrical and electronic goods on site. Our especially designed storage area  will hold the items until transportation to an appropriate recycling facilities.
This allows us to accept the electrical and electronic items in our skips and at our transfer station. 
To dispose of your WEEE items please inform our sales team at the time of booking as additional charges apply.

For our commercial clients, please note that hazardous electrical & electronic waste requires a consignment note before collection..

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