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Empty Aerosols, Sealant Tubes and Paint Pots

Empty Aerosols, Sealant Tubes and Paint Pots

The Landfill (England & Wales) Regulations 2002
states that the Operators of a landfill shall not accept waste which, in the conditions of a landfill, are:
Flammable or
Highly flammable

Combine this with the new Landfill Pre-Treatment Regulations which came into force in October 2007, Waste Management Companies are required to look very closely at the waste streams previously destined for disposal in landfill.

The more common waste streams that now require a pre-treatment process are 
                                Empty Paint Pots
                                Empty Aerosol Cans
                                Used Sealant/Mastic Tubes

This pre-treatment process incurs additional charges and unfortunately the costs involved need to be passed on to the Waste Producers.
For more information on the charges for the disposal of these items please call our sales team.

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