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Environment Policy

Environment Policy

By the very nature of our business, we are committed to having an overall positive impact on the environment by maximising efficient use of resources through re-use, recycling and recovery where environmentally beneficial.

As a company with strong environmental missions we are dedicated  to practice what we preach, we demostrate this by striving to:

* Meet, and where appropriate exceed, all relevant 
   legislation and regulatory codes of practice. Co-
   operating fully and maintaining open relationships
   with all regulatory authorities.
* Ensuring environmental issues are considered in
   the introduction of new processes, services or
   facilities in order to minimise adverse impacts and
   improve environmental performance.
* Provide support, information and training to
   company staff with respect to environmental
   issues and the environmental impact of their
* The monitoring, measures and controls for
   environmental incidents and emergencies are in
* To reduce and where practical prevent pollution of
   every kind.
* Promote the economical use of resouces and
   where practical purchase environmentally
   responsible goods and services.
* Review this policy periodically to ensure that it
   evolves with the company's activities and

For more information on environmental issues please here 

The Nature Reserve bordering our Waste Transfer Station at Poole   

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