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Granulated Plastic

Granulated Plastic

Did you know in the 1950's the world made less than 5 million tonnes of plastic, today the world produces about 80 million tonnes. 
We produce and use 20 times more than 50 years ago.

We granulate hard plastic (drums and containers) on site.

Firstly the plastic undergoes a washing process to remove any contamination. 
It is then manually sorted into polymer types and/or colour.
The plastic is fed into the loading shute of the granulator, passing through heavy duty rotating blades that chips the plastic in to pellets of 1 cm in length.
The pellets are then sucked through a dust retracting cyclone to fall straight into transportation bags

The plastic pellets are ideal for reuse in the plastic remoulding industry.

For more information about recycling your plastic please call our sales team   

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