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Plasterboard and other High Sulphate Bearing Wastes

Plasterboard and other High Sulphate Bearing Wastes

Under the Landfill Regulations 2002 the landfilling of Gypsum (Plasterboard) and other high sulphate bearing wastes with biodegradable waste has been prohibited in England and Wales. This ban came into force in July 2005.

Since this time the Environment Agency have taken a pragmatic view on this legislation and allowed the co-disposal of small amounts (up to 10%) of sulphate whilst conducting research  on the impact of doing so.

As of 1st April 2009 this concession has been removed and any wastes containing sulphate can no longer be sent for disposal at landfill.

Wareham & Purbeck Skip hire have a number of solutions for the treatment of sulphate and sulphate contaminated wastes.

For more information about the Recycling of Gypsum please contact our sales team today. 

To view the guidelines issued by the Environment Agency please click on the link

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