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Did you know that approximately 3 million tonnes of plasterboard are used in construction in the UK each year.

From 1st April 2009 amendments to the Landfill Regulations 2002 means that Gypsum (Plasterboard) and other high sulphate bearing waste must not be mixed or landfilled with biodegradable waste.

We are pleased to be able to offer our customers a recycling outlet for this type of waste.

The process removes the paper liner from the plasterboard and the core is then ground to a powder.
The gypsum powder is returned to the plasterboard manufacturer who incorporates it into the raw material feed stock for the production of new plasterboard.
The paper liner is used for agricultural purposes. 

To ensure the treatment and recycling of this waste material prior notice must be given if you are placing plasterboard or gypsum materials in the skip .

Additional costs are applicable for the recycling of gypsum products, please speak to our Sales Team for more information and our competitive rates  

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