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Did you know it would take a nose to tail fleet of juggernauts stretching 6 times around the world to transport one years worth of UK waste.

Our aim is to take an active role in minimising the waste stream deposited at landfill sites.  We believe by controlling waste and it's environmental impact today, we are securing a cleaner tomorrow.

We operate a fully licensed Waste Transfer Station, segregating and recycling the recoverable materials from the main waste stream deposited at our site.
We have and will continue to maximise the efficient use of resources through recovery, recycling and re-use where economically and environmentally beneficial.   
 We recycle:    * Paper
                           * Soil
                           * Hardcore
                           * Cardboard
                           * Plastic
                           * Wood
                           * Green waste
                           * Metal
                           * Waste arising from Electrical & Electronic Equipment
To find out more about the materials we recycle and the process involved please scroll down and click on the icons below

Screened soil
Cardboard & Plastic Packaging
Electrical and Electronic Goods
Green waste
Granulated Plastic
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